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Our coffee is 100% certified organic blend of two of the finest beans originating from Mexico and Peru Andes. Winner of 2 silver medals at the 2010 Golden Bean awards these beans have been recognised as one of Australia's finest quality beans. Fully Rainforest alliance and Fairtrade qualified, our beans are hand blended to our exclusive recipe prior to roasting in Yahavas Vasse wine region facility in the states southwest. Combined with what we feel is Australia's greatest milk derived from a single origin farm south of Pemberton, we aim to create a consistent, well-balanced and deep flavoured coffee with a clean body that never fails to impress. In fact we guarantee the quality and consistency of our coffee everytime.

Nestled within the Central Park Gardens on St Georges Terrace this beautifully appointed venue is like no other café in Perth's city centre. Elevated on a purpose built deck with vistas over and amongst the trees of the open space, our ambition was to create an ambience and atmosphere that would allow you to escape the daily stress of working life.

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